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5 Lessons in Dating "a Lawrence"

5 Lessons in Dating "a Lawrence"


1. Don’t jump into relationships with people who are newly single.

Granted he and Tasha were not in a committed relationship, but they were doing everything people do when they are dating someone. The sex, hanging out, going on dates, the whole nine. Even though Lawrence tried to play it off, we could all tell he was still thinking about Issa. When a person exits a long-term relationship, it usually takes them awhile to adjust to this new life they have. Not to mention, Lawrence and Issa lived together, so everything changed in one night for him. There’s no way he was ready to give Tasha his all. When meeting a person fresh out of a relationship, see if you guys can remain platonic friends. If something builds from the friendship, then it may be promising. Otherwise, you’re going to be dealing with displaced emotions.


2.) Wait a while before you introduce your significant other to your family.

Now to piggy back off point #1, Lawrence wasn’t ready to commit to Tasha. He damn sure wasn’t ready to meet her family. Ahh that scene was so awkward. He was visibly uncomfortable. If you and someone have been kickin’ it, nothing serious, no commitment, don’t bring them to the family barbeque! It’s hella awkward for everybody. The person is unsure of what they should say and your family doesn't know if he’s your boyfriend or homeboy. As a result, they’ll start asking questions that neither of you will are probably ready to answer or deal with.


3. Don’t take a guy back after he’s cheated with his ex.

We’ve all been there a time or two. Guy cheats, gets caught, and then apologizes. We curse, cry, and then take them right back. We watched this unfold with Issa and Lawrence in two different situations. Daniel, technically wasn’t an ex, so Issa cheating with him can be viewed more so as a bad decision. However, that “last smash” between Lawrence and Issa, baaaby whew! It wasn’t necessarily that it was a steamy session, it was just intense because it came out of nowhere. Lawrence actually looked like he was going to just grab his things and go. But he took in a glimpse of Issa and that was all she wrote. Now as for Tasha, this should’ve been a huge red flag. If he can’t be alone with Issa for a few minutes without smashing, there a definitely still feelings there. Hell, even if they sat down and talked, it’s clear the love is still there. That moment was sign that Lawrence wasn’t over Issa.


4.)  When you settle, you’ll end up resenting your partner.

Now we’ve mainly talked about Lawrence and his fuckboy ways with Tasha. But one thing I think it’s important to note, if Lawrence had been on his shit from jump, would Issa have cheated at all? In no way am I excusing Issa’s behaviors. However, I don’t believe in letting things linger if you are unhappy. But I think there’s a lesson in this aspect of their relationship. Issa was already feeling that she and Lawrence’s relationship was stagnant. Not to mention, he wasn’t making any moves career wise. But instead of communicating her feelings and concerns to Lawrence, she just let it ride. When Lawrence forgot her birthday, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Once again, definitely not excusing Issa’s behavior, but this cheat was built up! It just goes to show how when you stay unhappy and dissatisfied in relationships, those feelings become displaced. It’s important to communicate what your needs to your partner.


5.)  Don’t let your ex hit that one last time.

People love “getting closure” lol, but closure doesn’t look the same for everybody. I think we all were interested to see what was going to happen when Lawrence went to pick up his belongings from their apartment. Were they going to kiss and make up? Was Lawrence going to curse Issa out and tell her how heart broken he was? It looked as though he was going to give her the silent treatment but in a split second, he went in for the kill! I was soooooo disappointed lol. But Lawrence literally left her there, wet and all. After it was said and done, that moment did nothing but confuse Issa even more. It’s clear she wants Lawrence back but I think that last smash, intensified her emotions. “Sealing the deal” that one last time can confuse both parties. It may make you question, is it really over? But sex can often cause conflicting emotions of what you want versus the reality of the relationship/break up. Avoiding sex can save you both a headache.


Have you ever been in any of the situations? How do you handle boundaries when dating?

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