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Why Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech Solidified Sisterhood

Why Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech Solidified Sisterhood


Sisterhood - the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns (Merriam-Webster)


First let me say, I loved seeing everyone in black, supporting a greater cause. But Oprah brought the house down with her phenomenal speech. During her speech, Oprah mentioned the story of Recy Taylor.  Taylor’s story made national news in 1944 when she was kidnapped at gunpoint and brutally raped by six white men (HuffPost, 2017). In the end, the men were not convicted for their crimes against Taylor. Oprah mentioning Recy Taylor goes to show that somebody, somewhere will notice you and everything that you have been through. It often seems as though we are facing battles alone and nobody truly understands the pain you face, but someone does.

Oprah’s speech was important to all females, no matter age, race, class, or sexual orientation. Oprah was being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award and is the first black woman to receive it. But instead of focusing on herself, she took the opportunity to speak on women’s rights and injustices. All those women in the room felt her words and applauded as she spoke volumes. Everyone was united and connected. Oprah used her moment to speak for women whose voices will never be heard. Remember this the next time you are given a platform, speak for yourself, but most importantly be a voice of those who have been silenced.

We need to make it our duty to pay attention to our sisters. Outside of our friends and family, let another woman know that you appreciate her or simply that you see her. We don't unite enough, we don't check on each other enough, we don't help each other enough. Too often women are overlooked and the pain we experience is never discussed. Let somebody know that you’ve been there and that it’s going to be OK. Too many women suffer in silence, #timesup.


Sisters, it’s time we stop being hateful to each other. It’s time we stop tearing each other down. We all face similar situations, we all experience pain, shame, guilt, betrayal, sexual harassment, abuse, etc. We can get so much further by supporting each other rather than hurting one another. 

If you missed the speech, here it is:

This ladies, is how we start sisterhood. Speak for your sister who can't. What did you think of the speech?





Also here's the Recy Taylor story: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/recy-taylor-dies-dead_us_5a466319e4b06d1621b8430c




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