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Redeem in 2019!

Redeem in 2019!

Happy Twenty-Nineteen!!

This is more of a motivational post. I didn’t want the start the year off with too heavy and wanted to inspire all my readers. As I was thinking about what to write about it, the word redeem came to mind…

According to Merriam-Webster, “ redeem is a transitive verb that means: (1)to buy back, get or win back , (2) to free from what distresses or harms, (3) to free from captivity by payment, (4) to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental, (5) to release from blame or debt,  (6) to free from the consequences of sin, (7) to change for the better, and (8)  to repair or restore.                                                   

So I say to you……. MAKE 2019 YOUR YEAR OF REDEMPTION!!!                                                                                           


Redeem yourself from all the self inflicted doubt, shame, and embarrassment 

Redeem your self worth and confidence 

Redeem yourself from all the people who were not who they appeared to be

Redeem your power of discernment and trust your intuition 

Redeem yourself from the baggage that has limited your ability to reach your full potential 

Redeem yourself from relationships that broke your spirit 

Redeem yourself from the lies you told others and yourself just to stay afloat 

Redeem yourself from thinking it’s never going to get better

Redeem yourself from not putting out that project or idea due to fear

Redeem yourself from not moving forward in life due to being stuck in complacency 

Redeem yourself from not putting yourself first 

Redeem your ability to save and allocate money

Redeem yourself from not trusting others and yourself due to past betrayal

Redeem yourself from feeling worthless and hopeless

Start over and make 2019 yours!! Let’s move forward together and forgive ourselves for what we allowed to take over our heart, spirit, and mind!

Face your fears with courage

Face that distrust with love

Face that doubt with determination

Face that shame with confidence

Face that confusion with faith

Learn and know who you are, what you want to do, and what changes you want to make!

What do you plan to redeem in 2019?

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