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Women on Self Care

Women on Self Care

Self Care is so important, especially when you’re busy! See what these women do to take care of themselves. 


Meet Ashley. Ashley is a wife, mom, & supervisor. For self care, she prays, has some alone time by shopping, treats herself to something that makes her happy, relax, shower, use aromatherapy therapy and lie down. Follow her @ashmarie531!


Meet Shawana! YouTuber and Creator of Predominantly Love! She works in the mental health field. Her self care includes the following: Cleaning up her physical space and immediate surroundings, Showering or taking a soaking bath, writing down everything in my head, lighting candles, putting on meditating or soaking music then meditating, journaling/ praying/ organize and plan, and RELAX AND REST. Follow her on Instagram @PredominantlyLove !


Meet Kamysha. Creator of Kamera Ready! She’s a talented makeup artist. Kamysha said for self care, “I give myself pep talks to boost my confidence and tell myself I got this..I created a vision board and broke it up as short and long term goals to remind myself and hold myself accountable..I do my makeup sometimes at night because its therapeutic.” Follow her on Instagram @KameraReady! I 


Here’s Tam (R) & Tawanda (L). Tam stated that her self care routine includes “Relaxing, Detoxing, & Pampering.” Follow her on Instagram @tammybokolinkaylen. Tawanda said her self care includes “pampering and eating healthier”. Follow her on Instagram @sizzlingt.



Meet Ivy (L) & Tasha (R). For self care, Ivy washes and moisturizes her face with tatcha beauty. Ivy is a hair stylist. Follow her  @ivydoesmyhair on Instagram!

Tasha is an entrepreneur. Tasha stated, “Being a mom , wife , publicist and group fitness instructor - self care is a must!! I exercise to keep me sane and I read . I try to take power naps and take time to myself to regroup. All of this is much needed.” Follow her on Instagram @tashamackpr!


Meet Bria (R)! Bria is a YouTuber & Barber. For self care, Bria said she likes to write poetry or just chill and drink wine with r& b music in the background. Follow her at @girlthatfades on Instagram. 

Women’s Health Care Month

Women’s Health Care Month